Our Story

Je Suis Watches is a watch company that focuses on adding style while also affirming you.

Je Suis Watches is a Black Woman Veteran Owned Company.

The founder, Courtney Charvone, is an US Air Force Veteran. During her military career and her call to duty, challenging experiences caused her to suffer with PTSD. One of the main things she uses daily to help encourage and speak positivity into herself, is affirmations. "Affirmations are my daily dose of positive self talk I use to lift me up in, what feels like, heavy times" she says. The ability to take that positive feeling from affirmations and speak it into someone else is a life purpose of hers. "I want everyone to feel incredible about themselves... feel strong, feel confident". Which is why the name of our company was created.

Je Suis translates from French to English to "I AM".

Our fashionable quality watches, bracelets and sunglasses are named after a different affirmation. Each affirmation is aimed at pouring positivity back into each and every one of our amazing customers. 

Our products are wood focused products, from all wood pieces to leather and wood combinations to wood and stainless steel combinations. 

Our luxe products are sure to add a unique pop of style and class (and a dose of positivity) to any outfit. 

At Je Suis Watches, we believe You are Bold, You are Strong, You are Fearless